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Relax and enhance your life with this astonishing collection of the most beautiful sounds nature has to offer! Quit cringing every time your phone jangles from across the room, or blares out last year’s hottest tunes, and get these soft and simple goldfinch sounds instead. If you adore goldfinches, you’ll love having such a wide range of their calls and songs to choose from.Trust us, these birds have lots of fans! Beloved around North America and Europe for their sweet, cheerful bright plumage and their distinctive warbling, twittering call, goldfinches are the state bird of Iowa, New Jersey and Washington State.
They’re a longtime favorite of backyard birders, who attract them by planting a range of natural wildflowers or hanging a central birdfeeder with these feathered friends’ preferred snacks. But you won’t have to do any of that work to sit back and enjoy the soothing songs of these flying creatures every single day. With our FREE app, you can set up personalized ringtones for every single person in your Contacts list. Plus, use bird calls for your custom message notifications or even as an alarm on your phone. Add a relaxing touch of nature to your life with the Goldfinch app